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Tips & Tricks Disney World

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

A couple ways you can make the most out of your Walt Disney vacation, and beat those crowds and higher prices.

Has the World of Disney information on social media channels, YouTube Bloggers, socialites, TikTok, or even friends and family have you overwhelmed? Where do you start, how do you plan the perfect vacation that allows you to see parades, shows, and watch fireworks from the best spot? Are you worried about scheduling your meal during parades, or missing character meet and greets? Who do you believe when there is so much information out there to go through! Although we are yet another source of information, we are hoping this blog will give you some perspective on how to approach the mounds of information you are trying to sort. I know some fresh perspective never hurt anybody so lets take a look at one of our favorite topics, the food & snacks. We will follow this with park reservations as well as beating the crowds.

DINING When you are planning your advanced dining reservations (ADRs), it is easy to be overwhelmed by all of the choices. Naturally if you have friends or family who have recently traveled to Disney, you ask for advice. Taking advice from loved ones is never a bad thing, and throughout your life, has maybe proved to be quite beneficial.

ADVICE: "Be sure to book Tony's on Main Street U.S.A., it is the best food!" OUR THOUGHTS: Although Tony's has great food, I don't know that it would be in my top 3 or even 4 for the Magic Kingdom. I wouldn't even put it in my top 20 of all that Disney has to offer. So although this isn't "bad" advice, it would be important to question how many of Magic Kingdom's restaurants this friend actually ate in. That is where your travel planner can be so valuable offering lots of insight on great food, great characters, and where to go to get it! Ultimately, the choice is yours, but it is always great to see different perspective. PARK RESERVATIONS & DAYS OF VACATION So you are wanting to book your trip, but how many park days do you need? Where should you go on which day, and how long of a vacation is the perfect length (if you have to return). First thing is first, we understand that you don't always have this flexibility but lets talk the best case scenario! Our first suggestion, don't book a park on your arrival day. There are so many emotions, and things that could go wrong on day one with flights and travel, and if you miss your first park day this would not start your trip off to a good start. (I don't even plan important dining on this day). Day 1 I reserve for relaxing around the resort or Disney Springs time. Day 2 lets plan Magic Kingdom to be the first impression for the family, however if day one is a Monday, this proves to be the busiest day at the Magic Kingdom. These are all things a travel agent or travel planner at Wishes 3 would discuss with you. Day 3 I'm all about a slow paced day and sleeping in an extra hour in the morning. I suggest Epcot for Day 3 because if your family needs time to recover, you can work it in the schedule. Day 4 we rest and recover from the parks. We either go to a water park, or enjoy our resort pool. Rest days often get overlooked and it might seem like the best kept secret to save money, but it is one that will cost you joy! Rest days allow your family to not only enjoy the resort, but also keep everyone positive and having fun, remember you still have 2 more parks to explore and need that energy! Day 4 we head to Hollywood Studios because it is a busier park and we have rested and are ready to attack Disney at full force! Remember Hollywood Studios has some of the newest areas like Galaxy's Edge and Toy Story Land! It is also the location of a lot of the Disney thrill rides like Tower of Terror and Rockin Rollercoaster, so it pulls a large crowd for the thrills and show stopping atmospheres. Day 5 we relax and go to Animal Kingdom. If we have a hopper ticket we might hop back to our favorite park to repeat rides or even end on the Magic Kingdom for the fireworks to end our trip with a Magical last impression. I know this is a lot, but don't worry your Wishes 3 Genie, or travel planner (also known as travel agent) will help you plan it all out!

BEATING THE CROWDS Face it, this is number one on most people's list to get their vacation status to, "magical vacation." First thing is first, if you can try to work against the calendar of schools this not only ensures much lower crowds, but often lower pricing and lines! So step one is planning the perfect dates. Can't work with your dates? No worries, when you get to the parks, and hopefully have already scheduled your first Genie+ selection, head to your first 2 rides of the day! Early morning rides have less of a wait, especially with the early morning magic hours. Then simply stay out of Fantasyland during the busy 11am-4pm time frame and instead use that time of day for show times, parades, lunch, and lower wait time rides! During this time continue to book your genie+ selections and your day will be extra magical! This system even works during peak season, but don't worry your travel agent from Wishes 3 can help you with all of the planning. Reach out today for your free vacation quote and lets get started!

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