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We are a group of Disney loving individuals, that finally got the chance to take our Disney obsession and put it to great use! We love helping families with their first time to Disney, return trip to Hogwarts, or a getaway to the pristine beaches of Sandals. The best part about working with our clients is that we are a free service to help you manage all the stress, and book your much needed getaway. This ultimately helps you have a better vacation, and we get to show you, and talk about, the places we LOVE!  Not only is our quote free, but all the services that follow. You will NEVER get charged from us for a single service.

Having your own personal contact that knows the ins and outs of your travel destination is vital in the planning process for any trip. This eliminates any calls you have to make into Disney or Universal where you talk to a new person each time you call.  Your travel agent is invested in your trip and will get to know your celebrations and what type of experience your family is looking for. It is so comforting to know that when you have a question, you can simply text or email and they can help explain all those questions no matter how small they might be! Believe it or not this can save you countless hours when the Disney/Universal call center lines have very long waits. Our agents here at Wishes 3 are trained, updated, and full of personal tips and tricks. Yes we said TRAINED! All our agents take regular courses and have hands on experiences to help customize your magical trips! 

Remember, most of these companies have a very low deposit rate and allow you to pay your trip off over time, so the vacation you dream of is simply a click away.

What will planning my vacation look like with a planner involved?

First thing is first, we will get to know you, your details, and show you some quotes that fall in your budget. Next you discuss the trip that fits your family best, with your travel agent. Once you have all your options selected, (don't worry most options can be modified later if you change your mind) your agent books that trip for you!  Then comes the fun part: Dining, express passes, genie+, LL, MDE, promos, VIP tours, payments, and more. THANK GOODNESS for having someone to walk you through that process and explain it in detail because these listed terms are just the start of things you want to know about!

Will you get me the best deal and how do I stay up with all of the new announcements about Disney & Universal!
Your Wishes 3 Planner make sure you have the latest promos and information that applies to your trip!  When promos release, we get an email and will check to see if any discounts apply!  

What happens after your agent books your trip? (Example for Disney)
1. Discuss your favorite characters, dining, and must do items for your family.
2. Your agent helps you book your dining, and other magical experiences at 60 days out.
3. Airport Transfers and Final Payments are made 
4. All tips & tricks and instructions on how to use your Disney App & Genie+ are given
5. Go on your adventure
6. Text with any questions while on your trip.

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