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From superheroes to stunt spectaculars, Universal is jammed packed with action and adventure from some of your favorite movies! These theme parks, Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios (Orlando), bring in the crowds that are searching for thrill and excitement! These parks put you in the movies through shows, coasters, simulators, and other cutting edge rides! 
Our travel agents will help you decipher the best packages and even look at resort options that offer free Universal Express passes to skip the lines! Yes you read that correctly! 


Do you have any Wizards or Witches in your midst? Those Harry Potter fans are sure to be impressed by the 2-park immersive experience from Diagon Alley all the way to Hogsmeade. Be sure to purchase that park-to-park ticket to ride the Hogwart's Express and experience the adventure as you leave Kings Crossing and even get attacked along the way! You better practice that Patronus Charm! (Don't forget your interactive wand from Ollivander's Wand Shop!) Our Universal Travel Agents can even help you experience it all in order!

Staying on grounds is a wonderful experience with complimentary transportation and early access to the parks AS WELL AS the ability to pool hop to their different resorts! Did you know that even if you stay off grounds you can get the hour early access by purchasing your tickets through us? Universal sees the benefits of using travel agents to answer questions and help book your trip, so this is one of the perks that comes from booking your tickets through us at Wishes3!

Want free express passes to skip the lines? Ask one of Universal Travel Agents how you can stay one night at a Universal resort and get 2 days of express passes included in your stay! Contact us today about your free quote and travel planning!

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I think I need a planner, WHERE DO I START?

You have heard it all, and wondered why you need a Disney Travel Agent... or Travel Planner?! You have watched vlogs, read blogs, and researched your Disney trip to the point you shouldn't need any help, but now you find yourself overwhelmed and confused. To make matters worse, your friends and family start adding their experiences and best advice and you find yourself frustrated and overwhelmed! There is too much information, and you need a travel agent to help you put your trip together and take away this new found stress that shouldn't come with the word vacation!
Travel agents or travel planners sound expensive, but actually, WE ARE FREE! Wait did we say FREE?! You betcha! Companies like Sandals, Disney, and Universal see the value of well trained and knowledgeable individuals that are passionate about their products and love to plan! They pay us, because they know if you have a great experience you are more likely to return on a future trip as well as call in with less questions! For example, your friends and family suggest a restaurant that they went to on their vacation that is "the best in Disney..." but what if that is the only table service restaurant they tried in the park, is it really reliable information then to say it is "the best?"  This is where a Disney Travel Agent is A BIG DEAL. Our planners are able to talk to you from personal experience and compare multiple choices, send menus, and even the best way to score that dining when booking! Remember our travel planning services are free, so what are you waiting for, contact us today for your FREE DISNEY QUOTE & PLANNING!

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