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Why do I need a Travel Planner?There are so many reasons you want to have a travel planner or travel agent on your side, but here are 10 I put together in our blog: "10 Reasons I need a Disney Travel Planner,"

Having your own personal contact that knows the ins and outs of your travel destination is vital in the planning process.  It is so comforting to know that when you have a question, your planner is a text or email away and can help explain all those questions no matter how small they might be! Often to call into Disney or Universal the wait can get up to hours and hours of time, but what if you didn't need to wait, what if you had the inside scoop just a message away? THIS is the number one benefit and stress reliever of having a trained agent help you. We not only are trained, but are sent updates, safety protocols, have packing ideas, personal tips, as well as advice on all the food options!
Did I say we are trained, you betcha! We take regular courses and have hands on experiences to help customize your magical trips! 

What will planning my vacation look like with a planner involved?

First thing is first, we will get to know you, your details, and show you some quotes that fall in your budget. Next you discuss the trip that fits your family best, with your travel agent, and your agent books that trip for you!  Then comes the fun part: Dining, express passes, genie+, LL, MDE, promos, payments, and more. THANK GOODNESS for having a travel agent to walk you through that process and explain it in detail because these listed terms are just the start of things you want to know about!

Will you get me the best deal and how do I stay up with all of the new announcements about Disney & Universal!
Your Wishes 3 Planner make sure you have the latest promos and information that applies to your trip! Another thing you will want to do is be sure to follow us on the social media accounts listed below and follow us on our blog called "Wishful Thinking!"