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Through the Eyes of a Child

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Whether you are a chid or just young at heart, try to see Disney through this world of imagination and color. See the creativity and break through the barriers that hold you down. Experience laughter and memories in a way you never thought possible.

As she looked over the water at the Tree of Life, I realized just how magical this trip truly was...

Cascading ruffles of pink and glitter that leaves its mark everywhere we went, this child truly loves everything Disney. Of course, she had to complete the ensemble with her first set of Mickey ears, none other than rainbow and unicorn! What else could one need in life?! After riding Everest 2x prior to this photo she sat and just looked at the tree of life in such awe and peace. We talked about how it has 300 animals carved into the side of it, and just how talented those artists truly are! As we sat there in silence I couldn't help but get up and take this photo because I realized that these moments don't last forever. Then I questioned myself, but why? Why can't we see the world in such awe and amazement, why not stop and admire the true beauty of the artistry of our fellow man or even our creator?! We continued to sit and all of the sudden I noticed the wind, the reflections on the lake, and the joy on her face. I realized, this is what I love about vacation. It is a time to stop. A time to reflect and slow down. A time to love and enjoy the life we have been given and those we share it with. Photos are priceless, but the memories created in that moment are what we hold true to our hearts. Disney, in my opinion, isn't about anything other than time with my family, time to cherish, time to just be.

Ever wonder what age is too young to take your child to Disney? I started taking my child at 7mo old, and I never looked back with regret.

This is a famous question and argument between many, but lets face it, sometimes these trips aren't about the kids, but instead us enjoying the moment where we finally have the chance to experience vacation with them. Disney and Universal allow children to enter their parks under 3 for free! So if your child is 2 at check in, they don't "age" on your vacation! Every trip she experienced new things and in a new way. Her first trip at 7mo old she was amazed my movement, music, and lights, and WAS NOT a fan of Donald. Soon she was dancing in the streets to every song, popping bubbles from bubble wands, and riding small rides that made her smile light up my day! Now I look back, and am so happy I have these photos, and memories and I would love to help you make those too! Contact us today for your Free Vacation Quote and lets make your memories happen, one wish at a time!

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