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Disneyland Characters in ONE DAY

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

A few days ago I was lucky enough to have Disneyland invite me for a trip to further my knowledge of Disney, and keep me up to date on not only everything in the parks, but resorts, health procedures, and experience. Since I'm on the east coast I often find myself in central Florida which is a 2 hour flight instead of California (5 hour flight). I've always known there were differences between the two locations but this trip was extremely refreshing since it had been a while. Since Covid Disneyland is at a much lower capacity still where Florida has opened up significantly. However, they are doing their best to bring the magic to each guest and character interaction took the cake this trip. As I entered the park the smells of Main Street U.S.A. popping popcorn, views of Mickey balloons waving in the wind, and the sound of Walt's favorite trains looping Disneyland park was my first welcome home greeting. Now it was off to meet my group in Fantasyland which is divided up much differently than Disney World. The first part I entered (which would be where Sleepy Hollow is in Disney World for all my Disney buffs) greeted me with not 1, not 2, but 3 princesses and Flynn Ryder. Completely in shock and excited, but still needing to catch up with my group I went through the side archway of the castle bringing me out by the Snow White ride (not coaster) and carousel. I was about a tenth of a mile from my location, and in the short little hop I saw Genie, Jasmine, and Woody. Keep in mind at this point I had only been in the park for 5 minutes. I captured most of these encounters on video, and made a quick highlight tape of the experience!

Soon came the parade, where character after character went by, and we even saw Santa! All I could think is, I've never seen this many characters this quickly, and all in one park! Keep in mind I've been doing this well over 35 years! Tiana was stunning and such a southern belle, just like you would expect. She connected so well with all those tiny prince and princesses out there waiving at her hand blowing kisses. She also had a way about her to find those adoring grandparents filled with joy watching their little ones. Aurora was elegant and just had a sweetness about her, she is featured so much more at Disneyland because Disneyland uses her castle as the centerpiece where Magic Kingdom in Disney World uses Cinderella's castle. The parade also had some cute little dancing reindeer and snowmen as well as toy soldiers which played some merry-time tunes. Christmas parades are always my favorites because the joy seems to be tripled and you can hear the wonder and awe as the 20 foot Christmas tree rolls by as part of the parade.

Next it was off to the other Disneyland theme park, California Adventure. Here I was off to Avenger's campus to see Spiderman fly from roof top to roof top (see video above), Captain America play with Christmas wreaths and redecorate, see the Eternals, and of course ride Guardians of the Galaxy. Why is it no matter how many times you ride these rides it never gets less of a reaction out of me. (you don't get those photos of me screaming at the top of my lungs!)

As nightfall set in, Mickey and Minnie began dancing with the the music, and Goofy found his groove. What an exceptional day it was, and this was only day one! I can't say enough how much I enjoyed experiencing the characters this week, it was such a break from reality, fun memories, and lots of smiles!

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