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10 Reasons I need a Disney Planner!

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Reason #10 I won't have to wait in line to simply view their website if they release something new! Yes this is just to view rooms, apply promos, make payments, ANYTHING. This is how Disney limits the traffic on their site to keep their website running smoothly. Meanwhile, you sit there, waiting, and wishing you had hired a planner FOR FREE to do this for you. Wait... More than an hour? Is that 1 hour, 2, 3....or more?

Reason #9

I will get the most out of my budget, and feel confident in the package I chose. My planner knows all the ins and outs of each resort and makes sure the theming, room, and tickets matched my needs and even asked if I needed a rest and recovery day to enjoy the pool! I also now understand words like base, hopper, plus, and genie+, ILL, AKL, MK, HS, TTC, and so much more! (If I don't... THEY DO!)

Reason #8:

I can text, email, or call any time I have a question. If I didn't have a planner, I would have to call into Disney or search through countless blogs to decide answers. It is so nice working with someone who knows my trip, answers my questions, and adds that personal touch, AND FOR FREE! (Get started today by filling out your free quote request here!)

Reason #7

Stress Relief! Having a Disney planner has allowed me to get the answers to my questions, have peace that it is being done correctly, and now I'm just able to experience the magic of Disney. If I was in charge of my own trip everyone would be looking at me for answers I don't know. I would have pressure of making all the choices on topics I'm unfamiliar with. It is a lot of money and I don't want to screw it up. If I am looking at the map the whole time, I would miss out on the fun of my own trip!

Reason #6

I know all the newest promos and discounts have been added to my trip even without me asking! My travel planner is on it, there is nothing like saving money when you didn't even know there was a better price out there! I simply sit back and let my Wishes Genie do the work!

Reason #5

My planner is certified by Disney and Universal with up to date training, health and safety guidelines, openings/closures, and knowledge of their products. They even give them onsite first hand experiences to make sure they know their product. If these company see their value, I should too!

Reason #4

I want to see all my favorite characters and shows as well as know where the best places to watch fireworks from would be! From Mickey to Jack Sparrow, I can capture all kinds of Disney memories that keep me smiling for years to come!

Reason #3

Ride restrictions are now a breeze. Knowing height restrictions, how to utilize the rider swap, Genie+, Individual Lightning Lanes, as well as making sure I know which rides could make me motion sick keeps everyone in our party happy!

Reason #2

My agent is a Disney Foodie! One thing I realized was my friends and family all had opinions on the food they had experienced on their last trip. Wishes3 planners help me navigate through all the opinions to land on the best options for me.

Reason #1 It is FREE! Why would I not want free concierge, VIP treatment, Disney certified support to plan my Disney or Universal Vacation?! They can be as involved or uninvolved as I want them to be, and it will take the stress off of me and allow me to have the best experience possible all while saving money! Fill out our Free Quote Request form today! What happens when you fill it out? You will be contacted by one of our agents and asked questions about your trip, NO catch!

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